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    Nokia and Kyocera reach patent resolution
    written by ramses and filed under General | 10:40 am | 1/20/2006

    Nokia Corp. of Finland has announced the end of their battle against mobile competitor Kyocera regarding patent disputes. Both have agreed to enter patent exchange agreements where each company will be licensed to themselves and pay certain royalty requirements. This will include essential patents as well as module and infrastructure products. This agreement will resolve all patent issues and disputes that have been goin on since February 2004. Click here for more story.

    DSM and 3D Systems reach patent settlement
    written by ramses and filed under General | 7:20 am | 1/19/2006

    A patent settlement has been reached between ET 3D Systems Corp. and DSM Desotech Inc. to exchange licenses for technology related to stereolithography materials. This will include granting non-exclusive rights globally to each other outside of Japan for patents covering stereolithography materials and equipment. Moreover, they will continue to exchange distribution deals which 3D Systems to supply DSM with stereolithography materials outside of Japan. Click here for more story.

    Apple patents mobile technology
    written by ramses and filed under General | 8:49 pm | 1/18/2006

    Apple Computer Inc. has filed a patent application to license its technology for mobile media dubbed as “Mobile Me”. They have filed the applilcationon January 5 in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which brings mobile solutions and services such as music, video, games, e-mail and messaging across the Internet as well as television. However, there were some speculations that this would actually turn out to be an iPod phone. Click here for more story.

    University granted patent for cancer treatment
    written by ramses and filed under General | 9:01 am | 1/17/2006

    A medical research conducted by the University of Michigan has been granted a patent to develop methods to treat cancer. The new treatment takes down proteins on cancer cells which are responsible for growth in cancer cells. Removing them will prove effective in eliminating cancer cells compared to chemotherapy methods. This will be good news for the university researcher’s spinoff company OncoMed who have exclusive license to this research. If proven effective, the company will earn milllions through royalties although it will still pass numerous clinical trials before considered successful for the market. Click here for more story.

    Google to focus on mobile patent
    written by admin and filed under General | 5:19 pm | 1/16/2006

    The race to come up with the marketable mobile advertising has begun to heat up as Google filed its patent for they call as “call-on-select”. The patent is described to make a phone call instead of rendering a new page when clicked through advertising. However, the company is keeping on a low profile on their strategies but plans to test the application by November to be further available for service. Curerntly various mobile companies are also looking into mobile marketing which is predicted to hit from $1.4 billion to $4 billion according to a report by Kelsey Group. Click here for more story.

    Wheat patent approval scrutinized
    written by ramses and filed under General | 4:21 am | 1/13/2006

    A petition submitted by Vandana Shiva, is now adjourned by the India’s Supreme Court for the government’s inaction to stop a patent license in the US which originated in India. Shiva an activist of the Research Foundation for Science and Technology and environment has claimed that US company Monsanta applied the patent license for traditional Indian wheat variety that originated as a result of indigenous research in India. However the courts pointed out that legal actions were not established because there was full freedom for research in India. In response the petitioners suggested to introduce this issue in India’s patent law to bar patents outside India to preserve and protect the country’s rich biodiversity. Click here for more story.

    Patent granted for software program
    written by ramses and filed under General | 6:49 pm | 1/12/2006

    The patent office has granted patent rights to Florida Atlantic University professor Stuart Galup for his invention of a computer-based system that manages guardianship cases. The software program was developed together with business professor Ronald Dattero and former Broward County Courts audit director Bryan Thabit. The software invention which called as the Integrated Guardianship Information System provides an accurate monitoring of guardianship document transfers to prevent fraud. The system replaces use of paper to process reports submitted to the courts. This will them to secure rights to the patent for future plans of selling it to some companies where profits will proceed back to the College of Business. Click here for more story.

    Bristol-Myers sued for arthritis drug patent
    written by ramses and filed under General | 4:58 am | 1/11/2006

    Repligen Corp. together with the University of Michigan has filed a lawsuit against Bristol-Myers Squibb, a New York based drug company for infringing their patent for a newly approved rheumatoid arthritis drug. Both establishments claim to have exclusive rights to the patent that treats rheumatoid arthritis that attacks joints. The lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court for Texas’ Eastern District which Repligen believes that their patent case will efficiently be handed. However, Bristol-Myers Squibb has commented that they will also file a complaint through legal proceedings. Click here for more story.

    US Patent Office extends Altair patent
    written by ramses and filed under General | 4:27 am | 1/10/2006

    Altair Technologies has announced the extension of their patent for making Zirconia has been granted by the US Patent Office. The leading supplier and innovator of advanced ceramic nanomaterial technology has been granted their new patent to continue protection their technology to develop an economical method of making high quality, nano-sized stabilized zirconia as it accounts 70% of the market share. Their Zorconia products are widely used in various industrial applications as well as key component for medical applications and secondary alternative energy such as solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). Click here for more story.

    Apple files suit against
    written by ramses and filed under General | 8:49 pm | 1/9/2006

    Apple Inc. has files a lawsuit agaisnt Inc., for declaratory relief, alleging patent invalidity or non-infringement claims before the U.S. District Court in San Francisco. However the audio and video delivery technology company will also be filling a countersuit against Apple claiming several patents under contention. Both companies have been negotiating for several months over video patent claims, unfortunately lawsuits arised due to failed negotiations thus they went back to the court and let them decide. Earlier last year, Burst won its patent and antitrust suit against Microsoft Corp. which lead the software giant firm to pay $60 million. Click here for more story.

    USAmerican LLC sues Oakley and Motorola
    written by ramses and filed under General | 4:31 am | 1/6/2006

    USAmerican LLC has filed a patent lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California alleging that Oakley and Motorola’s “Razrwire” sunglass/bluetooth headset had infringed the company’s patent for U.S. Patent No. 4,902,120 (”the ‘120 patent”) which refers to mounting a headset on a sunglass. Last year, Mr Frank Weyer, USAmerican’s inventor had successfully sued Ford for changing the color of automobile instrument panel illumination. Click here for more story.

    Patent granted to O2Micro
    written by ramses and filed under General | 8:44 pm | 1/4/2006

    The U.S. Patent Office has granted O2Micro(R) International Limited for their patent application for their innovative power management. The developer of innovative power management for consumer and electronic systems has announced the successful application of their patent which relates to their innovative technology to integrate battery charger and selector circuits to enhance power supply safety as well as battery life. Click here for more story.

    Court orders Nokia to settle with InterDigital
    written by ramses and filed under General | 5:00 am | 1/3/2006

    The U.S. District Court has ordered Nokia to pay between $232 million to $252 million and settle its patent dispute with InterDigital Communications. This was announced after the mobile giant lost its patent fight against the wireless-technology provider for its unsettled royalty claims after using it 2nd generation and its 2.5G technology on their handsets. Click here for more story.

    Rates Tech sues Google
    written by ramses and filed under General | 6:56 pm | 1/2/2006

    Rates Technology, a patent holding company has filed a $5 billion lawsuit against the search giant company Google for claiming that the company infringed its Voice over IP (define) patents in relation to Google’s new Web-based phone calling service named Google Talk. However, Google were not available for comments but affected the company’s stock shares which fell from $4.75 to $415.40. Click here for more story.

    MDI granted patent from US Patent Office
    written by ramses and filed under General | 8:55 pm | 12/28/2005

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted MDI Security Systems their patent application for video data storage system. The patent technology allows storing video data in a large storage device even if it reached its capacity by removing random pixels of the oldest video data from the video frame, thus allowing more space to be used. This enables software developers to successfully save large chunks of video data compared to previous methods where various compression techniques were performed. Click here for whole story.

    Biosensors sticks to patent fight
    written by ramses and filed under General | 8:38 pm |

    Biosensors International Group Ltd, a medical devices company for cardio and critical care procedures has announced that they will go ahead with the patent fight against Boston Scientific Corporation and Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc. regarding the patent on the drug eluting stent, BioMatrix. Biosensors defends its claims against allegations of a patent infringement. Moreover, the company believes that this case will not effect them nor their business. Click here for whole story.

    LG buys patent license for Honeywell GPS
    written by ramses and filed under General | 5:21 am | 12/27/2005

    Honeywell has granted license to LG for its patented Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology. The two patents that LG acquired license will be a major component for LG’s navigation systems that use inertial components to help improve GPS accuracy. However no monetary information has been disclosed by the two companies. Click here for whole story.

    Ranbaxy reaches patent settlement with Cephalon
    written by ramses and filed under General | 6:39 am | 12/23/2005

    Ranbaxy has announced that it entered into patent settlement with Cephalon. The out of court settlement relates to the dispute regarding the psychostimulant Provigil (modafinil) tablets. The settlement includes Cephalontop grant Rnabaxy to sell a generic version of Provigil in the US while Ranbaxy has agreed to grant Cephalon an IP licence related to modafinil in exchange for milestone payments. Click here for whole story.

    Patriot Scientific sued by Japanese Electronic Companies
    written by ramses and filed under General | 8:46 pm | 12/22/2005

    Twenty Japanese electronics companies has sued Patriot Scientific. These companies including Sony, Toshiba, Matsushita/Panasonic, Fujitsu and NEC is seeking to invalidate the patents that Patriot has declared. Earlier in 2004, Patriot has sued these Japanese companies with relation to the its patent regarding high performance microprocessor having [a] variable speed system clock for chip manufacturing which was claimed to have been filed in June 1995. However, now these same companies has filed a case in US District Court in Oakland, California to invalid three of these patents. Click here for whole story.

    VistaPrint granted patent application
    written by ramses and filed under General | 12:17 pm | 12/21/2005

    VistaPrint, an online supplier of high-quality graphic design services and customized printed products company has announced the successful approval of its patent aaplication in the United States. This is in relation to the company’s print job processing technology where print orders are done through automated processing which are done in large format and professional pressing. It is then cut by a computerized robotic cutter then lastly, they are packaged to be delivered to the client. This process using automated technolgy has been proven to offer only a fraction of the actual cost versus traditional designers and printers. Click here for whole story.


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